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Imagine falling victim to identity theft. Are you embarrassed, frustrated or scared even? Our reaction to such a misfortune is unpredictable and can lead to fatal consequences. Let's face it - you can lose heart over this crime against you and, staying inactive, you may find your credit rating and overall financial standing and reputation ruined.

However, there are people whose fortitude is so strong, that they resort to their own forces in fighting identity theft and credit card fraud stemming from it. The story below shows how an identity theft incident motivated the victim to take matters into her own hands and become a deserving warrior against ID theft criminals.

Linda Foley worked as a freelance designer when her customer, a web site owner, used her personal data from the employment file to purchase things on credit and obtain credit cards in her name. Susan did not have the slightest suspicion of any fraudulent activity against her, until she saw her credit card statement and got the credit fraud alert from her bank.

Linda admits she has changed irreversibly since she fell victim to ID theft committed by her partner whom she trusted and had a successful business with. The traitorous action of her boss, which left the woman piled under countless and huge unpaid bills for online credit card transactions motivated Linda to venture founding a non profit organization providing ID theft victims with assistance services - the Identity Theft Resource Center.

The resource center started up to help people who suffered from fraudulent credit card activity against them, whose credit worthiness was ruined and who had no one to turn for help to. Its second aim is to function as a source one such a fast-spreading crime of the Information Age as identity theft.

For this, the center has defined identity theft in simple and clear words for all customers with a credit card to digest and remember.

An ID happens when a criminal steals somebody's credit card number, Social Security Number and other financial and personal information to fraudulently apply for credit cards, open bank accounts and obtain loans. Then, the criminal leaves the victim with a heap of unpaid credit card bills, unmanageable debt and ruined credit history.

The Identity Theft Resource Center employees teach people how to go through the consequences of ID theft without resorting to profit oriented organizations, all promising a quick recovery and a renewed credit report guarantee. Most of such organizations, however, leave you in the same situation at best and in deeper trouble at worst.

Foley's resource center acquired national recognition and trust for it provides the most actual and useful information and runs a responsive call center involved in giving assistance for free.

Linda Foley and her husband, who is also in the Resource Center team, showed the greatest sympathy and concern for young people who cannot apply for a credit card, get a car loan or rent an apartment because they had been victims of child identity theft committed by their own parents. Sounds unbelievable, but facts show the opposite.

The Identity Theft Resource Center draws funds from government grants and donations. The Foleys have shown great persistence in demanding to pass a number of laws protecting ID victims' rights. The work is in full swing. Feel free to look for compassion and help at the Identity Theft Resource Center.