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Research: Mobile Banking Applications -

It’s the digital age, and we use the Internet for more things than ever these days. Consumers no longer have to deal with their bank issues with a bank teller, they can call up the bank, they can conduct their banking online and now they can conduct their banking on their mobile phone.

Consumers who have smart phones can control their money, credit and banking matters by downloading a few helpful applications. Here are a few of our favorite mobile banking applications and how to use them.

Mint – Free

Mint gives you the most bang for your buck. For the price, this is the best budgeting software for your phone on the market. Mint automatically updates your budget and keeps it in order. It does this by linking your bank account to the application, and then subsequently logging each bank account transaction in your phone. Mint is constantly updating, and it is very secure. With the Mint application, consumers are always updated when it comes to their accounts — from checking, savings, pension plans and retirement funds, Mint keeps all of those accounts in tact. The application also comes with phone notifications that will alert you if you are about to miss a payment, or if there is a budgeting overlap.

Debt Dog -$0.99

Debt Dog is good way for curbing those extra spontaneous purchases that consumers tend to make on their credit cards. These purchases are the quickest way into debt. Debt Dog shows consumers how expensive these purchases can be, by calculating the interest rate that will be charged onto the transaction. Seeing this information makes it easier for consumers to decide whether purchasing that sale item is really worth putting on your credit card. The application goes further and shows you how much the purchase would cost you in a number of different payback situations.

iReconcile – $1.99

This application is only good on your iPhone and iPad and it takes into your account your total budget, allowing you to make important budgeting decisions right from your phone or your handheld. With this application, consumers can set up a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budget and fix spending accordingly. The application also comes with helpful charts and graphics in order to paint the picture about your finances perfectly clear. The iReconcile application follows the consumers’ budget, and gives them easy-to-read updates and shows were consumers are spending their money for better budgeting.

iWallet – $2.99

This application is a bit pricier, but there is a lot of value to it. iWallet is like the iReconcile application, but it is a simpler version. And if used properly, it can be as effective as the iReconcile application. This application offers many of the same advantages that the iReconcile application offers, except it isn’t restricted to Apple products. The application is very versataile and allows users to download their financial information into a PDF, if it makes it easier to manage your numbers in that format. All in all, it’s a quick and easy financing application.

As we move into the future, take your finances with you. Mobile banking applications can make handling your finances so much easier.