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Research: Safeguarding Credit Cards the simpler way -

Credit cards, like we all know are extremely popular and are ubiquitous these days. Their popularity and increased usage have made them very vulnerable to security issues and credit card thefts. Credit card thefts are a very serious issue and therefore it is very important to take measures to protect it from these undesirable circumstances. Credit card companies have realized this and have introduced numerous methods to protect it from thefts and security issues.

Credit cards are protected by what is known as a pin number. This pin number acts as identification to every credit card and is a unique number to every single card. When you find out that your credit card is stolen, the card can be identified by this number and necessary action to block it can be taken. Also, all credit card companies have facilities for you to report missing or stolen credit cards, and any purchases made using the stolen card will not be charged to your account.

Even though the credit card companies have so many security measures in place, it is as much your duty to safeguard your card as theirs. You can take some simple precautions to protect your card from these issues and safeguard your identity. Never leave your credit card unattended in public places. When you are using internet for all your shopping needs, make sure that you use only verified sites for shopping. These sites appear with a small padlock at the bottom right of the page, which means that the webpage is secure and is verified. Always clear all your cookies after you complete shopping. Do not give out your three digit verification number to unidentified people or on the telephone or unsecured web pages on the internet.

The three digit verification code is the unique number that is assigned to your card, without which you cannot use the card for your online shopping needs. If anyone gets this number along with your credit card number, then they can use your credit card using your identity and you will be charged for it, if you do not report it. These thefts go unnoticed because your credit cards do not go missing, but once your bill is generated, it will be too late to claim a non payment. Always make sure that you pay by credit card in person at places like eat outs and restaurants. Do not write down your credit card details like pin numbers or verification codes and keep it in a noticeable place.