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It has been know that there is only one way to cheat a person to giving up his common sense - to promise a person to give whatever that person desires. All you need to have is a very smart mouth that goes with a very smart scheming system and bait. The best bait that we, humans, created is money. The promise of money can make many people lose control of their logic, especially large sums of cash. So, if you put together these factors, you can forget about earning a decent living and either go to jail or live a luxurious life.

Are you drooling over a low interest rate credit card that has been informed to you via the phone or an e-mail? Have they told you that you have qualified for a major credit card application even you cannot remember applying for one? If you are about to plan a shopping spree, take a few minutes off from the daydream that these individuals have given you because you are about to experience a scam.

This scam proceeds by informing you that you have qualified for a low interest rate credit card and that you may claim it by charging it to a pre-existing credit card. Of course, you will be expecting a credit card to be delivered but instead, you will receive a mail order catalog. Together with the catalog is a note saying that you need to buy items worth $400 before an application will be sent to you. If you oblige their terms, you purchased $400 worth of low-class products in the catalog; a form for a regular major credit card application will be given to you. Meaning, you will still have to submit the requirements that the companies want just like a regular applicant.

Another scheme that promises low interest rate credit card starts with the same process. They would call you and say that you have qualified for a low interest rate credit card but this time, the victim will be an elderly. They will be targeting the retirement incomes of this group of people. They will entice you by saying that you have nothing to worry about since you have 5 years guaranteed to be free of charge, except for one fee payable via a credit card. They would also promise that they will do all the processing that will be required by the credit card company. If you will be bothered in any way, they will reassure you that your money will be returned. When you have paid them the money, they would send you a folder containing a list of credit cards with low interest rates.

After this information, we can conclude that if an offer is too good to be true, it is better to turn your back on it. Always be logical and avoid being a victim of criminal minds.