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With the growing competition in the market, credit companies are working hard to attract customers. Offering credit cards with reward is one such financial tactics used by the companies to attract customers. There are varieties ways which credit companies offer rewards. These can be in the form of cash back or reward points and also an offer on discounts for various products. Gasoline rewards, food and beverage coupons as well as hotel reward points, are common ways in which these reward are redeemed.

There are steps that help in the accumulation of hotel reward points; these are as follows:

1. It is a known fact that individuals with a good credit score have better chances to qualify for hotel reward point’s credit cards, than those with a bad credit. The credit score is easy to obtain. All customers who have maintained a good credit score through will be able to avail lower interest with hotel reward points. People with a bad credit history are often offered higher interest rate credit cards with limited points.

2. The other important feature that needs to be given utmost importance is the kind of reward offered by the credit card company. Customers who travel a lot, and need to find places for lodging frequently would like to invest in a credit card that offers best deals on hotel reward points. There are credit cards that have tiered up with specific hotel chains and offer good discounts when used to pay the bills on any of the hotel chains. As an example the Starwood hotel group offers discounts to its guests who have American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card. The use of the card not only allows the user to gain points but also helps in acquiring better rates of discounts.

On completion of certain criteria, the Guest Card allows its users to qualify a free stay at some of the specific five star hotels. The hotel reward points can also be used to get hotel services like access to the gym, spa or a dinner at a much discounted rate.

3. Once the hotel reward points have accumulated, the user needs to take care of the points that would be beneficial in his getting access to the products offered.

  • The user should be aware that the credit card companies have their terms and conditions and its rewards will remain valid only for a specific period. In case the user fails to redeem the reward points within the period mentioned, then the points no longer stand valid; the user needs to start from scratch to accumulate the hotel reward points.
  • The bank or the credit card company has the right to take back the reward points in case the user fails to clear his bills on time. This will also add up to his interest rates.
  • Before applying for a hotel reward credit card, the user also needs to go through the list of hotels and facilities that the reward points offer and that the user can avail.