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Research: Can I get Cash Back With a Prepaid Card? -

We hear a lot about credit cards and debit cards, but never too much about prepaid cards. Prepaid cards are the most misunderstood card in the plastic family. It used to be that prepaid cards charged high fees to access money that you went out and worked for. But now days, it seems that things have changed slightly. Now, if you know how to use your card, you could end up using it for free. If you know where to look, you can even find some prepaid credit and debit cards that offer cash back rewards like traditional credit cards.

Favorite Cash Back Credit Cards:

  1. Vision Premier Card. This prepaid Visa card offers one percent cash back on gas purchases. The rewards are directly deposited into your prepaid account after you accumulate $3 in rewards, or spend $300 on gas. This card also has free direct deposit and bill pay, and there is no monthly fee.
  2. Walmart MoneyCard. With this card, you can get one percent cash back on gas purchases as well. Consumers receive their reward tacked onto their card balance on the last day of their billing cycle. There is one catch though, you must have $75 minimum in your account before you can use your card to pay at the pump.
  3. Kroger Prepaid Debit Card. The beauty of this card is that it gives you reward for every purchase you make. One point is awarded for every purchase made outside of Kroger`s, two points for every in store purchase and five points when you buy products with the Kroger brand. After you get 1,000 you can cash in on $5 towards your next grocery purchase (hopefully, at Krogers). Although, the reward may be small, it is better than no cash back.
  4. PerkStreet Financial Debit Card.This card is tied to your everyday checking account. You can get one, two or five percent cash back on purchases, depending on your cards starting balance. For example, if you start your day with $5,000 in your account, you will receive 2% cash back on all your purchases for that day. If your account has anything less than $5,000 then you will receive 1% cash back. Also, if you`re a new account holder, you are eligible to receive two percent cash back for purchases made within the first three months. Five percent cash back is eligible for different categories. The categories change by quarter.
  5. Upside. The UPside prepaid card is one of our favorites. This card allows you to build up points which are tied to an account. When you rack up enough points, you are gain entry to an online mall where you can purchase items from many well known retailers like Macy`s, Sears and Target.