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Research: Credit card rewards available to high credit score customers -

The rewards available on credit cards aren’t the same for all customers. The rewards vary based on the creditworthiness of the individual. Those with an excellent credit history are more likely to get attractive credit rewards that result in significant benefits. Here are some of the best rewards available on credit cards to motivate customers to maintain a good credit history.

Cash back

2% cash back on all purchases and up to 5% cash back on select purchases could save you as much as $50 every month and sometimes more. In many cases, this cash back is available as a direct deduction from the credit card bill of the following month thus avoiding hassles of all kinds and confusion. However, cash back credit cards with higher discounts are offered only to the best customers who spend a lot and yet, repay their bills on time. There are other cash back credit cards, where the cash back is offered in the form of discounts on select purchases or where the cash back reward has to be claimed month after month. Such rewards aren’t really ideal and are offered to customers with less impressive credit scores.

Travel rewards

Credit card holders with exceptional credit history can get great travel rewards enjoying a wide array of benefits. Travel rewards often help you reduce the cost of travel and also enjoy benefits that add to the convenience. For example, certain credit cards offer you lost baggage reimbursement and travel accident insurance without any extra charge. Similarly, you can also avail benefits like the availability of 24 X 7 hotline number, for any problems that you might face during travel including requests for lost card replacement. In fact, some credit cards even offer cash reimbursement for your expenses during the time it takes for replacing your lost or stolen card, ensuring that you don’t suffer from any inconvenience. There are discounts at entertainment centers, hotels and restaurants too, allowing you to save a hefty amount on your travel budget.

Opening bonuses

Opening bonuses are very popular these days but they are offered only on some credit cards approved for customers with excellent credit. These credit cards have bonus points that can be garnered over a period of time and then redeemed in the form of discounts. Customers with excellent credit receive opening bonuses which could be up to 25000 points that can be redeemed as discounts on airline tickets or on purchases in retail stores. Moreover, there are bonuses for milestone expenses as well from time to time. Credit card holders with excellent credit also enjoy substantial bonus savings for fixed spending limits. For example, there are cards that offer $100 discount on the credit card bill, if you could spend a fixed amount of around $600 – $700 within the first 3 months.

0% interest rates

Numerous balance transfer credit cards are offered to customers with excellent credit. These cards usually come with 0% promotional interest rates for extended periods of time. Some credit cards offer 0% interest rate for as long as 21 months.