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Research: Credit card rewards that you can really benefit from -

There is increasing competition in the market amongst credit card issuers to get the best customers with excellent credit rating. Hence, credit card companies are going all out to obtain such customers by offering breathtaking reward programs. Those with excellent credit are expected to spend more and yet make the payments in full every month, if you have an excellent credit rating this would be the right time to make that credit history count.

Balance transfers

In recent times, Citibank have come up with multiple credit cards that offer some amazing balance transfer deals. The 0% APR is offered to customers for long periods of time, sometimes up to 21 months. If you have an outstanding balance of even $1000, and your old card charges you just 10% APR, this balance transfer would still save you close to $200, which is a substantial amount of savings, especially during the holiday season. Interestingly, these cards also offer the best deals in terms of the balance transfer fee, which is as low as 3%. Therefore these are the cards which most customers would be tempted to take, except that it will be approved only for those with excellent credit.

Bonus points

There are some airline credit cards which offer customers nearly 50,000 bonus points. Of course, it comes with the condition that you will have to reach a specific target of expenses which could amount to $1000 within 3 months. If you are someone who has an excellent credit rating and are also planning to splash a bit in the holiday season or going for a big vacation in the next couple of months, you will definitely be able to reach that target. In return, you can get a good bonus, which could help you get a considerable shopping or airline ticket discount.

Cash Back Offers

To cash in on the vacation and holiday season, some cards have offered cash backs of up to $100 if the credit card customer is able to spend about $800 in the first 3 months. $100 will give you a nice little gift for bonus, because with Christmas around the corner spending $800 might not come as a surprise for some customers.

Insurance coverage and travel benefits

There are some credit cards tailor made for individuals who travel frequently. Some of these rewards are not tangible in terms of how much money they save, but the benefits certainly offer the cardholder some security when they travel internationally. Credit cards offers which do not charge interchange fees, which could be a decent saving if a credit card holder stays abroad for over 2 weeks, and spends on their credit card. Some credit cards offer travel insurance and coverage for lost baggage replacement too. There is a hotline which helps customers report lost or stolen cards immediately. Not only will it check fraudulent activity, it will also ensure that the customer receives a replacement card soon.