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There are many people who like to travel light. Obviously, the lesser number of items you carry, less is the anxiety you experience and you can relax more. However, you still need to spend and this is where plastic money comes in handy. There are some credit card companies which take this opportunity to provide a lot of features that make travelling with credit cards easier.

Travel Emergency Assistance

This is one of the most important features which premium credit cards usually have thus making travelling with credit cards less troublesome. There is a hotline number where you can call at any point of time to report a stolen card. Even if you have lost your wallet or money, the assistance will ensure that you get money and a replacement card within the shortest possible time. This feature is very helpful when you are on a vacation. All you need to do is keep the card information somewhere safe so that you know the details when you report the loss.

Roadside Assistance

Travelling with credit cards is very beneficial for those who frequently go on road trips. Most of the premium credit cards from Visa come with auto rental collision damage coverage for any losses caused by collision while you are travelling in a rental car. If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the trip, you receive emergency assistance and a vehicle to complete your trip in some cases too.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement

Travelling with credit cards has another very important advantage. What happens sometimes while travelling abroad is that the airlines misplace your luggage which could leave you high and dry. Some credit cards have lost luggage reimbursement which means up to a certain limit the credit card company will reimburse you for the loss which will provide you with a lifeline in a critical situation.

Avoid Hassles with cash

Travelling with credit cards allows you complete freedom from cash. Besides many credit cards offer a lot of rewards that make travel less expensive. Some of the credit card companies offer discount on air tickets after garnering certain limit of reward points. Other cards also have tie ups with hotel chains thus helping you to avail discounts all across the world. Besides, some reputed card companies allow you to earn handsome discounts for dining, wine and entertainment options thus providing some real benefits which cannot otherwise be obtained by spending cash.