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Research: How retails rewards have affected the market? -

Businesses get established on a strong platform created by customer loyalty. If a customer is satisfied and pleased with the services of a business then he is bound to return for more purchases. To gain the loyalty of its customers, every business needs to analyze the buying trends followed by its customers. Here, the data obtained should be properly used to build a strong customer base for a strong retail market.

Retail reward program is one such financial tool that is used by the different business houses to gain loyalty of its customers. These programs offer incentives of various kinds to please the customers and gain their loyalty. With the competition increasing in the market, it becomes very important that a customer feels to remain loyal to a particular business and choose to visit it among the other retail shops. Keeping this in mind, the businesses while in some cases might offer incentives in the form of free items on the purchases made of a particular amount. In other cases the incentive may be in the form of rebates on the product itself. Sometimes retail reward points are also offered in the form of food coupons and retail points. These retail points are collected against the customer’s account, created as a loyalty account by the business. Every point that gets collected accumulates and can again be redeemed for other discounts and offers.

With the evolution of modern technology, the reward programs have become quite obscure but easy to access. Technology has also helped businesses to increase customer’s interests with the help of the different reward programs. This can be done not only by proper advertising of the products, but also making customers aware of the reward programs. Customers are now able to get access to retail reward coupons via internet. Emails to the customers are sent at regular basis which contains discount coupons and other rebate information and special deals offered for the season or a particular period of time.

Most of the major retail stores have reward programs for its customers giving them special discounts or rebates on purchase of a variety of goods from their stores. Whether it is loyalty cards or reward programs, their purpose remains the same. The reward programs also benefit the business as it increases the number of foot falls and also the sale percentage of the store.

When structuring a retail reward program, the business uses modern technologies to gather all the information that are required of their customers. This information are then compiled by an inventory management which is highly efficient. Critics call this an invasion of privacy, however most consumers are least bothered by such intrusions.

Retail chains try to attract customers by offering retail rewards on certain products, which are popular with the buyers and are sure to attract more interest than others. Shops collaborate with wholesalers to come to a certain price margin that would provide a win-win situation for both the customers and the retailers.