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There are a lot of types of credit card rewards offered by the various banks which give out credit cards. But of all the rewards, the best one to get would be a low interest rate credit card. We shall discuss how to go about getting yourself that dream card which allows you to make purchases and then pay back the cash owed at a very low interest rate.

The thing about credit card rewards is that the really good ones are very rare. They are given only to those people who truly deserve them. These people are those who have managed their finances well and have developed a very good credit score. a starter who has just got a credit card cannot expect to get a low interest rate credit card in the beginning itself. Even if you do land one, it will be for a limited period as an introductory offer.

If you already own a credit card and have been making purchases for a substantial period of time, it is time to get it renewed. When you go for a renewal, ask the banks representative to give you a low interest rate credit card. You can say that you have been a loyal customer for a certain period of time and that now you would like the bank to appreciate your loyalty. If you have been paying all your dues on time, then this should not be a problem. You should let the representative know that you want your credit worthiness to be taken into consideration to make your case for reduced interest rates.

If your negotiation with your current credit account does not go well, you can always look into other banks. The other banks will obviously look into your credit score and find out that you have been diligent in the use of your credit card and will be more than happy to have a good customer like you. Hence they will give out special credit cards with reduced interest rates or in some cases cards with an initial time period during which no interest will be charged on the transactions made. This time period can sometimes extend upto one year. This sort of offer is many times made to newbie`s and one must consider oneself to be lucky to get such an offer with no track record.

If you are still not able to get a good offer from your bank, you have all the right to ask for a written explanation from them. These days even with a good credit score it is difficult to get a low interest rate card because banks are undergoing severe losses and are also wary of customers given the large number of defaulters plaguing the industry. But when you get an explanation from them, you can at least try and sort out your side of the problem in order to get a better deal. It never hurt anyone to try to get a better deal.