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Research: Reward credit cards for the high end crowd -

Each time a person signs up for a credit card, they do not always get approved. There are various conditions and criteria for certain cards. Especially when it comes to some high end card, membership is often an exclusive privilege and there are many limited edition cards which are made for certain sections of the society. There are criteria ranging from an annually salary over 200,000 to having excellent credit scores to be eligible for such exclusive cards.

The Amex Black card is one such exclusive card for the creme de la creme. It has become a status symbol to possess this card and comes with numerous benefits for the cardholder. There are exclusive deals for cardholders like automatic upgrade to first class on airline flights, travel agent and concierge service from the best agencies, after hours shopping at boutiques and stores of well known brands all over the world and even a personal shopper at select cities globally.

The black card when introduced was quite hard to get. It was not just about having excellent scores but also was granted only on invitation. Times have changed however and today these exclusive high end reward cards are available if you have the money and know the right people. There are of course certain requirements for being eligible for this reward card. The cardholder has to have certain net worth which is prescribed by Amex, there should be a clean and blemish free credit report, they should have spent 250,000 each year on a gold or platinum Amex credit card and willing to pay a high one time membership fee and subsequent annual fees.

There are different ways to get this card. One is of course by invitation from Amex authorities; another is to work for a high end firm where the business executives receive such invitations. This card has some exclusive privileges that make sit well worth the money and the way it sets you apart from every other shopper is enough to speak for its privileges. Only about 1% of the American population will qualify for such awesome benefits. Often when you wish to get these exclusive cards, you will have to have used their other cards and shown yourself to have a credible financial history to be eligible for it.

Visa cards will require customers to have had near perfect records using their high end cards previously and to have been using it and having large amounts spent for at least a year. There are even special cards which come with no credit limits. These are for celebrities and millionaires who like having an endless supply of cash to spend as they please.

Most people who qualify for such reward cards will have had to have extremely high profile jobs, salaries and also other assets that set them apart as being part of an exclusive crowd in society. Money talks in these cases and it is money that gives them access to more. Having these cards marks a consumer as belonging to a whole different level and it is considered a rare privilege not many get right away.