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Research: Steps to choose the best airline miles credit cards -

A job that takes you around the globe can be a stress buster. You see new places in new destinations and get paid to visit them. You may also brag about visiting them on your favorite social networking sites amongst your friends, who envy your tours. However, have you thought about saving some money or enjoying a free trip paid by your credit card? Even those of you, who would like to make a quick rendezvous in a far off place and get back to bustling work life, an airline rewards credit card can cut down your travel expenses. Have a look at the suggestions below if you have not yet paid much attention to credit card rewards which offers discounted offers to frequent flyers.

Reap benefits of brand loyalty

If you prefer to fly by the same airline every time you go on a business trip and enjoy their treats and services, then get familiar with their credit card rewards, specifically on airline miles. Many airline companies offer bonus airline miles in proportion to your purchase. Virgin Atlantic Black Credit card, for example, offers 20,000 bonus air miles on the first purchase; their White Credit Card, offers only 12,500 bonus airline miles on your first purchase. The trick here is to read the fine print of the credit card reward policy and find a card that has no annual fees and yet does offer low interest rates. If you cannot pay the interest and debt at the end of month from your credit card usage, airline miles will become costlier for you.

Add new members

Many airline companies provide bonus airline miles to every new member added to your account. So don’t keep the secret of flying to yourself, and tweet it!

Keep a track of reward points

To redeem your reward points you need to plan in advance. Track credit card reward points on a monthly basis. Airlines prefer to cut down their costs on free seats. You may have to book your free seat in advance (even up to a year).

Bonus airline miles on any airline

If you do not have any preferences for a particular brand of airlines and are simply interested in getting a discounted air ticket for a weekend trip, look for a credit card that gives reward points that can be redeemed on any airlines.

Compare online

Before signing up for a credit card go online and do a search to educate yourself about various offers. Today there are a number of websites that facilitate comparison of airline reward credit cards. Sign up for an offer that meets the nature of your travel. Frequent travelers, for example, should search for offers that pay an extra mile for every dollar spent on non-travel expenses as well.

Transfer airline miles to your loved ones

If are unable to make a trip by yourself because you are too busy working hard at work, then choose a reward credit card that allows you to transfer bonus airline miles to your loved ones.