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Research: The best options for travelling with credit cards -

Some people prefer to pay with cash, and others prefer cards. Although there is a notion that credit cards could lead you to debt, especially when you are on a vacation, there are certain credit cards, which offer great features. These features will not only prove handy during a vacation but will also ensure savings.

Interchange fees

While some credit card companies, charge interchange fees or currency conversion fees, there are a few cards being offered in the market that waives those fees. When you go to a different country, you tend to lose a substantial amount of money in currency conversion. If you go for cash exchange you will have to pay commission both times. Therefore, spending with your credit card is a good idea. When there is not a currency conversion fee levied on your card, it is even better. This feature greatly benefits those who often travel abroad for vacations or for business.


When you are in an unknown place, safety and security of your items is quite important. Losing your wallet with your credit card is not a rare occurrence. Certain card issuers have a hotline facility that you can reach within no time and report stolen cards. This ensures that your card cannot be misused. In fact, some card issuers have fraud monitoring systems, wherein customers will be told as soon as their card has been used at a place different and far from the usual. There is a quick replacement card in order to ensure that customers are not stranded on vacation without any financial means.

Airline privileges

Besides discounts on airline tickets, certain credit cards also provide other facilities like executive lounge privileges. When you are traveling with a lot of waiting time in transit, you will greatly appreciate this benefit. Those who cannot stay away from work will also take this opportunity with open arms.

Travel insurance

The biggest benefit of traveling with credit cards is of course the travel insurance one gets. This includes insurance for life wherein you or your spouse will get coverage for unforeseen incidents. Travelers also benefit from lost luggage replacement and other smaller benefits, which come with some of the credit cards. All these benefits address some of the critical problems that travelers are faced with and some of the credit cards are good enough to save the day.