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Research: Things to Remember When Traveling with Credit Cards -

The world of purchasing nowadays largely revolves around the credit card mode of payment. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston`s survey, 609.8 million credit cards are held by United States consumers. Indeed cash-less shopping has dominated the economy of buying.

It is not surprising to know that most Americans embrace this "buy now, pay later" type of market given the advantages and conveniences the use of credit card can offer.

Credit card use can also be an advantage for people who love traveling. Going out from one place to another would not be as easy if people will be preoccupied thinking about dealing with traveler`s checks or cash to exchange, with credit cards money that will be brought for traveling is never a problem.

Despite the ease and convenience the use of credit card offers to travelers, being precautious is still highly recommended. Traveling with credit cards has to be coupled with a lot of care.

One of the things that has to be considered by travelling enthusiast is to inform their credit card companies about their plan of traveling. If the company was notified of the place and date of the credit card holders` travel it will be able to allow international transactions to be processed. Also notifying your credit card company will save you from the hassle of experiencing your credit card be on hold while in a vacation or business trip. This happens when you will not inform that you will be in some other place and when the company detected that a transaction was made using your card in that place they will assume that the card is compromised. In cases like this, credit card companies will readily put your credit card on hold.

Another thing that will help credit card holders in being wary, when traveling with their credit cards is having a copy of the credit card information and other important documents. One way to do this is by having a photocopy of the documents both front and back. However this hard copy of your credit card information can also be a source of problem given that someone else finds it might lead to credit card fraud. Thus it is advised to block out or cut names and expiration dates on the photocopied face of the card. Another possible way of saving credit card information is through a USB flash drive.

In case the credit card was lost while on a vacation or a work-related trip, the holder must immediately call the credit card company to report the incident. In doing so it is important to get the name of the person you`ve talked to and include it in the letter you are suppose to make after the call.