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Research: Various credit card reward that make a difference -

Credit card rewards make it easy to manage credit cards, and get some payback for spending money using the credit cards. Since credit cards are the most popular means of spending money these days, there are many credit card companies and a tough competition for the best rewards credit card. Every credit card company has a special scheme of its own, to attract customers. Credit card rewards are generally designed keeping a particular target group in mind. Following are some of the most rewarding credit card schemes that help customers make some profit out of the cards:

Air mile rewards

This scheme is most suited for businessmen who frequently travel year round, on business. Air mile rewards scheme rewards air miles with every credit card swipe that the user makes. These air miles can then be exchanged for discounts on the air tickets. Also, for every ticket that is bought, bonus points will be rewarded to the individual in some credit card schemes. Air mile reward schemes can be combined successfully with frequent flyer programs of airline carriers that have alliance with the credit cards. Air mile reward schemes work well for gold or platinum visa or master card holders, since the amount they spend with their credit cards will be much higher, compared to regular cards. Hotel stays and rental car discounts can also be combined with air mile reward schemes, since businessmen find use for hotel discounts and free car rentals all round the year.

Point system rewards

This is the most common reward scheme that any normal credit card holds. For every dollar spent using credit card, a point is awarded to the user, and these points can be cashed when they reach a set limit. Many people use this reward system to get some respite from credit card bills. At the end of every month the user gets the option of converting the reward points into cash. Also, these reward points can be used to shop in the credit card store, where the points can be exchanged for merchandise. All merchandise sold in the credit card store will have preset reward point requirement.

Cash Back Offers

Cash back schemes reward the users with cash back offers when they shop at participating department stores and from special deals for the credit card customers. The cash back is usually a percent of the money spent. Sometimes cash back scheme demands a certain amount to be spent before getting cash back. Most times, it is just some percent of the total amount spent, which is returned to the customers immediately after shopping.

Gas point rewards

These reward schemes are useful to people who travel regularly by their cars. Similar to point system, for every credit card dollar that is spent, the user is credited with a gas point. This can be redeemed at any participating gas station, every time the credit card user wants to refuel the car. Depending on the points accumulated, the discounts are applied while refueling.