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You can pay for anything with your credit card if it is a general credit card and is accepted by your doctor, merchant or retailer. Thus, you can pay medical bills with a credit card. The best credit option is a 0% intro APR credit card that also has a rewards program. With such a card, you will have more time to pay your medical bill in small convenient payments without paying interest, and you can potentially earn rewards.

A medical credit card can also be used to pay for medical procedures, like surgeries or dental procedures, and it is accepted at particular doctors and providers. So before you apply for a medical credit card, make sure your doctor accepts it and it will cover the procedures you need. Keep in mind that medical credit cards do not offer 0% promo APR, but deferred interest financing. That means, if you are unable to pay off the card balance by the end of the promotional financing, you will have to pay interest back from the first day of the purchase.