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How to Choose Credit Card?

You've read a lot of reviews, compared piles of credit cards, or probably used a card finder tool like our Credit Card Navigator, and found a credit card that is the best fit for your credit and it is available for online application at CreditLand. Now, prepare your Social Security Number and some other personal information which you will need during application process. You can use our quick guide below to help you with your online credit card application.

How Can I Apply for the Credit Card?

Today most of the credit card offers are available for online application, which makes it much easier to apply for a credit card. You don’t have to leave your home. You just need a computer (or a smartphone) connected to the Internet and, your personal information and you can easily apply online.

Once you've found a credit card at CreditLand, click on the “apply” button, which you will find near the credit card, to get to the bank's secure application page.

How to Fill in Online Application for the Credit Card?

You can review credit card benefits, rates and fees, as well as read the card's Terms and Conditions on the bank's secure application page. If you agree, start filling out the application form (or click on the “apply” button again if it is required).

Fill out all required fields, which include your full name, date of birth, street address (no P.O. boxes accepted!), email address, phone number, employment, income, rent or mortgage payments SSN.

How to Increase My Chances for Approval?

Check all the information you've provided on your application form to make sure everything is correct and you haven't missed a single required field. If you fill out the application form incorrectly (or provide false information about you), you might be denied for a credit card account. Then tick a check box to show you agree to the terms and submit your application.

When you complete the process, you can expect an email confirming that your credit card application is received and will be reviewed by the issuer. Most issuers can give their decision within 3-5 days, but sometimes the approval process can take more time – from two weeks to one month. The issuer may reach you if they need some additional information. If you do not hear from them too long, you can contact the issuer and ask about the status of your application.

What Should I do if My Credit Card Application Was Denied?

In case you receive a negative response (i.e. denied application) you can call the issuer's reconsideration line and ask why you were denied. Before you call, you may want to formulate convincing arguments about why you want the card. Be ready to provide some additional information. Make sure you are polite when you are talking to representatives as they may provide you with a positive decision.

So, click hear to apply for your new credit card right now!