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With today's credit card offers it's getting harder and harder to find the best credit card to apply for. You may find lots of various credit card ratings and comparisons but still wonder which is the best credit card to get. The truth is there is a best credit card for every person, every need and even every situation. There's no one for all credit card. Thus, when you are choosing the best credit card, you should know your credit score and understand your needs.

What is the best credit card to have with bad credit?

When your credit is bad, you most likely won't find a credit card with rewards. However, earning rewards is not what you would want a credit card for while your credit is bad. In this case, you'd better concentrate on credit reporting. Make sure credit card is reported to all three major credit bureaus because this will help you to build your credit history and your credit history is what your credit score's based on. Then look at the fees. Credit cards for people with bad credit tend to have upfront fees and high annual fees, but you can still find an offer with low fees. As for the interest rates, try to pay off the card balance in full each month and you won't be charged any interest.

What's the best credit card deal for good credit?

As your credit improves, your credit card options increase. When your credit is good you get access to various credit cards with lucrative rewards, promo interest rates, and low to no annual fees. Now it's time to think about what you need a credit card for. If you want to use your new credit card while traveling, look for specialized travel credit cards. An example of a universal travel credit card that will be good for any type of a traveler is the Discover it® Miles card. This card allows to earn miles on all purchases and earned miles can be redeemed as travel statement credits or as cold cash.

You will need a completely different credit card if you need to pay off some debt, for example. There are balance transfer credit cards that allow you to transfer your debt and pay it off at 0% intro APR. But be careful with such offers as promotional rates won't last forever. When the 0% introductory rate is over an ongoing APR will apply to unpaid and new balances.

What's the best credit card to get to earn rewards?

There are different types of rewards you can earn with a credit card: miles, points or cash back. Plus, cards may come with either fixed rewards or with individual rewards based on shopping category. And you can choose to earn loyalty rewards or general rewards.

If you are new to rewards, look for a cash back credit card with fixed rewards. For example, this type of rewards is offered on the Citi Double Cash® Card. If you are loyal to a particular hotel or airline, you may prefer earning loyalty rewards. For example, if you often fly with American Airlines, you will be able to earn AAdvantage miles with the American Airlines AAdvantage® MileUp® (expired offer).

Choosing the best credit card using search tools

Many credit card comparison sites as well as issuers offer tools that can help you to filter or find credit cards that meet your needs. Here, at you can use Credit Card Navigator to filter cards based on your credit score and preferences. Such tools do not usually show only one credit card. They offer several options that meet your criteria, and you still need to choose one from the offered cards. The tools help you sift out credit cards that won't be good for you. The final decision - which card to apply - will be after you.

As you can see, to determine which is the best credit card to have, you simply need find credit cards that are good for your credit score and make a list of them. Then compare cards and remove those that do not meet your needs or requirements. Ideally you will have two or three credit cards left. These credit cards are best for you to have at the moment. You can apply for one or for two cards at a time.