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‘Credit Cards’ is not the easiest subject and we understand that you may have lots of different questions related to it. That’s why our experienced experts are always here to help you. You can ask any question related to credit cards or scroll down to see if answered questions below can help you.

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Are there credit cards to earn miles with interjet airline?

Answered on

The U.S. residents can't get Interjet branded credit card - Platinum Card American Express® Interjet. The only way to earn rewards on Interjet is to get general card. You may like a travel rewards credit card which will earn you miles rewards. Such card will allow you to earn rewards with all airlines.... Continue reading
What fees apply to the cash Magnet card from amex?

Answered on

The American Express Cash Magnet Card does not have an annual fee, but some fees are rather high. For example, you will need to pay a foreign transaction fee of 2,7% if you will try to use you card abroad. Moreover, balance transfer and cash advance fees apply to the Cash Magnet Card. Continue reading
I need to finance my Ikea purchase of $5600? Should I apply to the Ikea Project card or there are better options for me?

Answered on

IKEA offers Project card ecpesially for people who need to finance their large purchases (more than $5,000). This card offers promotioal APR period 4.99% for 60 months. Of cource, this card may be an option, but there are definitely better options. Check out best 0% APR credit card offers from our... Continue reading
I was looking for 0% apr card to purchase Ikea furniture. Does Ikea visa offer this option?

Answered on

No, IKEA rewards visa does not offer any 0% intro APR on purchases. Moreover, its regular APR rate of 21.99% is not variable. If you want 0% APR credit card, consider applying to the regular credit card issued by major bank. Such credit cards usually have decent reward rates and low fees (compared to... Continue reading
Does the Gulf Visa Card allow you to pay 0% APR for some period of time? I did not find this card on the website and would like to apply for it.

Answered on

The Gulf Visa Card doesn't have any promo APR period. The rate will be about 20.49% to 26.49% when you open your account, based on your creditworthiness. To apply for this card you should visit the Gulf website. Or you can apply for another gas credit card with which you will be able to earn cash back... Continue reading
How to get a personal loan? What do I need to get a personal loan?

Answered on

Personal loans are offered to people with any credit history and credit score. You can apply for a loan in person at the nearest lender. Or you can go online and apply for a personal loan online, which is an easier and more convenient way. Continue reading
I want to apply for a credit card that gives me rewards on entertainment. What can you recommend me?

Answered on

There are a lot of credit cards thar offer high rewards on entertaiment. We recommend you consider one of the Citi credit cards. For example, take a look at that gives you 2 points per dollar spent entertainment and dining and 1 point on allother purchases. The card comes with 15-month 0%... Continue reading
How does interest work on a loan?

Answered on

The average interest rate on a personal loan is somewhere in the range from 10% to 28%. Your actual interest rate will depend on your creditworthiness, length of the loan, loan amount, and the lender. To determine your creditworthiness, and therefore to make a decision whether to extend a loan or not,... Continue reading
How to apply for a loan?

Answered on

If you decided to apply for a personal loan, here’s what to do to apply. Continue reading
I do not see any Visa or MasterCard label on the 7Eleven card, can I use it at other stores or gas stations?

Answered on

The 7Eleven credit card is a co-branded credit card which can only be used at 7Eleven stores and gas stations. You won’t be able to use this card anywhere else. If you want your credit card to be accepted everywhere (including 7Eleven locations), you should apply for a general credit card with Gas... Continue reading

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