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News: A New Credit Card for Nature Lovers -

Ducks Unlimited, a nonprofit waterfowl conservation organization has teamed up with First Bankcard to launch the Ducks Unlimited Rewards Visa Card, offering one point on purchases. Cardholders get a 5,000 bonus point sign-up bonus once they use the card to make a purchase. They also get their FICO scores free with this card.

The Ducks Unlimited Rewards Visa Card is a way for cardholders to get rewards, while also keeping the wetlands intact for ducks and other kinds of water fowl because each purchases funds the Memphis-based organization’s conservation programs.

“We’re very pleased to welcome First Bankcard to our Corporate Partner Program as Ducks Unlimited’s latest Proud Partner,” said Amy Batson, chief fundraising officer for Ducks Unlimited. “Now our members and supporters can directly impact the landscape with every purchase and help address wetland loss in North America.”

How it goes

People can sign up for the card on the website, and once approved in keeping with the conservation theme they can choose from four images, each one featuring different kinds of waterfowl and outdoor pictures to go on their card.

Cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent, and will receive their 5,000 point bonus once they make an initial purchase. It will take 6-8 weeks for bonus points to show up on people’s statements. There is no limit to how many points people can earn, but points do expire on the fifth anniversary of their award date. There is no annual fee for this card.

Redeeming points

When it’s time to redeem points, people can cash them in for travel, merchandise, gift cards and cash back, which is given as a statement credit to the cardholder’s account.

There is a secured version of this card available offering 1% back on purchases, and people can redeem points for the same rewards as the non-secured card. There is a $29 fee for this version of the card.

Ducks Unlimited Inc. is nonprofit organization with 600,000 members, dedicated to conserving North America's waterfowl habitats. It was founded in 1937, and has helped save over 13 million acres.