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News: American Express Makes Referring a Friend to Their Credit Cards More Rewarding -

Getting a hefty bonus for referring a friend to American Express can be a great way for cardholders to bank points. The good news is that it just got easier, and perhaps more lucrative due to an upgrade in the American Express refer a friend program. With this upgrade, people can refer a friend and no matter what card their friend picks they still get a bonus. Of course getting the bonus is contingent upon their friend getting approved.

This is an exciting development because when the program was first rolled out cardholders could only collect a bonus if the friend they referred went for the same card they had in their wallet, which could be a bit limiting. But a month ago they began allowing people to refer friends to American Express cards that were in the same family of credit cards that the cardholder had in their wallet. For instance, if someone had the Hilton Honors American Express Card they could only get the bonus if their friend wanted the same card or the Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card.

But now if they want a different card, like the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, the cardholder would still get the bonus. All bets are off with this change and they can collect the bonus once their friend was approved no matter what card their friend wants.

American Express is also reportedly letting people refer friends across both personal and business credit card portfolios, broadening the cardholder’s ability to get a bonus even further.

Referring a friend

If you’ve never heard of the American Express refer a friend program you might be wondering how it works. In order to get the ball rolling, you simply log into your account and create a referral link for your friend.

You then send them the link, which takes them to the American Express webpage where they can pick out the card they want, whether that is the American Express Gold Card, Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card, Hilton Honors American Express Card or another American Express Card.

Once you are approved you get your bonus points.

Cardholders can log into their accounts to get more information, but American Express has also sent out emails providing more details on the program update.