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News: Capital One And Walmart End Partnership -

Capital One will no longer be the exclusive issuer of Walmart credit cards. The two companies announced the end of their card partnership at the end of May.

Capital One started issuing Walmart credit cards in 2019. Problems were uncovered in late 2022 and early 2023, which resulted in a lawsuit in April 2023. Walmart complained that Capital One was too slow in updating transactions in cardholders' accounts and replacing lost cards.

In March 2024, a federal judge had ruled that Walmart can end its credit card partnership with Capital One early because the bank failed to provide the required level of customer service.

While Capital One and Walmart have ended their partnership, nothing changes for cardholders today. Those who already have a Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card or Walmart Rewards® Card can continue to use their credit cards (unless informed otherwise), including earn and redeem rewards. Also, any previously earned rewards will retain their value.

Capital One will retain ownership and servicing of the Walmart credit card accounts. Existing Walmart credit card holders will receive additional information in the coming months.

Separately, Capital One announced the acquisition of the credit card issuer Discover Financial Services to create a global payment giant.