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News: The United Explorer Card Welcome Bonus has changed -

The United Explorer Card now comes with 40,000 bonus points, and they have upgraded the cards benefits so cardholders now earn double miles when eating out, booking hotel stays and when making purchases with United Airlines. And all other purchases earn them 1 mile per dollar they spend.

They also get a $100 credit to cover the cost of getting Global Entry or TSA PreCheck to make traveling easier, as well as 25% off when making in-flight purchases. This discount can be used toward food, drinks, and Wi-Fi.

The 40,000 bonus is down from the last offer which was 65,000 miles. How does the bonus work? People earn the 40,000 bonus miles once they use their United Explorer Card to make purchases during the first 90 days they have their new card.

Things to note if you already have the United Explorer Card

While some new benefits have been added to the mix, some benefits are no longer in play. With this upgrade both price protection and return protection benefits are no longer part of this cards package.

While travel cancellation benefits are still included they have been reduced. Now the limit is set at $1,500 for each trip. Last year the limit was $10,000 for each trip.

In the past cardholders could get an additional 10,000 bonus miles with a $25,000 spend during the year, but this bonus is no longer available.

Some things stay the same

While some things have changed, others remain the same including the fact that cardholders get two day passes to the United Club airport lounges during the year. And cardholders still get primary rental car coverage with this card.

Cardholders can check their first bag for free in both directions when flying with United, saving them $120. They also get priority boarding for themselves and their traveling companions.

When it’s time to cash in miles cardholders can book flights with United Airlines or with Star Alliance, as well as other partner airlines. Miles can also be used to seat upgrades, car rentals, hotel rooms, gift cards, merchandise, and events.

For more information, people can visit the website.