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Though the general opinion goes that people with bad payment history and low credit score cannot qualify for big companies' credit cards, it is far not truth in reality. Bad and poor credit cards are willingly marketed to customers most urgently needing credit and most of the deals can pull debtors out of their financial troubles.

However, without the proper knowledge how to manage credit card debt most effectively, without the ability to adequately appraise certain situations, bad credit cards will only hurt. Some of our readers, who are mostly concerned with bad credit tips, ask their questions that clear up some points.

Q: I applied for a credit card but was denied. What are the possible reasons and how will it affect my credit score?

A: There are a number of reasons why your credit card application was not approved. Your low and unstable income, short-time job, temporary address or your poor or bad credit history might have caused the denial.

Anyway, even if you guess the reasons, it makes sense to request the credit report to find the explanation. Maybe there is a mistake in the credit report and the denial will hurt your credit rating just for nothing.

Remember a denial in credit damages one's credit history and score, so if you have bad credit, you'd better give up the idea of frequent applications.

Q: Why can't I get an unsecured credit card for bad credit with a lower interest rate?

A: As a matter of fact, you present a bad credit risk for your credit card company due to your insufficient or unfavorable payment history. Let's face it - you cannot guarantee full and timely bill payment and so the creditor tries to protect themselves through high interest rates.

We must admit, however, that it is not impossible to find low rates on bad credit cards. Take, for example, Centennial Gold MasterCard Visa card from First PREMIER bank that offers quite a competitive APR, but you will still be required to pay more in the form hefty set up and annual fees.

Q: When is it best to seek credit debt counseling?

A: Just when you suspect some financial pressure or doubt your credit solvency, you shouldn't waste time - go and ask for debt counseling. Regardless of the amount of debt and your general credit rating, debt counselors will give you sound advice or work out debt management plan.

Q: Are there any illegal credit counseling companies?

A: Unfortunately, very often debtors fall victims to illegal credit counselors. Thus, when seeking help, make sure that the company is certified and has a Consumer Credit Counselor certification. Your counselors must prove that they have taken and completed comprehensive debt counseling training and passed the exam. Otherwise, you will be left with a larger debt than before.

Q: If I decide to resort to credit repair and dispute inaccurate information in my credit report, what can be taken off the file?

A: Any unverifiable or inaccurate information, such as your old addresses, additional names, medial bills, divorce debts and others must be deleted. Unrelated to this category are child support, student loans, state or federal tax liens which cannot be removed from your credit file.

Q: Will they arrest me if I do not pay my debt?

A: Well, if you stay away from ID theft and credit card fraud, you cannot be arrested for abusing your paying obligations. However, creditors may sell your debt to debt collecting agencies and they will have you pay all the same.

What do you choose?

So, these are some of the most acute questions from customers with credit problems. Did you see any concordance with yourself? Follow the advice.