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Research: Bad Credit Tips -

Every one of us ventures out into independent adult life with at least some small financial background as an outset. And as we feel that we stand firmly on our feet, we start thinking of making large purchases so expensive sometimes that it's impossible to pay for them at once.

At this point we get infected by the idea of getting a loan or applying for credit card and if it so happens that we're denied, the thought is -there's no the unhappiest person in the world. But should you really be so frustrated if you do not qualify for one of the many no fee credit cards?

Let's approach the issue from a different angle of view.

Let's venture to insist that the reason you've been denied the best, as you think, credit card, - your bad credit rating - is not really a misfortune in your life, but a rescue from great amounts of debts and even bankruptcy.

You can wonder, however, how can my credit rating be possibly bad if I've never before applied for credit card and thus can't have accumulated any debt at all? How could I have ruined my credit score if there are no credit card bills missed yet?

And these are logical questions from a young and inexperienced person who has stuffed himself with heaps of information on credit cards through reading credit-related articles and news. If a would-be cardholder asks such a question, he must have missed one point - his credit rating is built up well before he can apply for his first credit card and it can be marred by lots of other things apart from credit cards.

For example, if you own a cell phone you are naturally expected to pay the monthly bills for the talks. But if you ignore your responsibility and miss the payments, it inevitably destroys your still little credit history and credit rating.

Thus, you are not eligible for credit cards right from the start of your independent life and cash is the only way to pay for things. Awful? Not at all! And though it does sound queer but your bad credit rating has saved you from a deep and unsurmountable credit card debt spiral.

Do not take offence, though. We do not insist that you would necessarily display poor spending ways and abuse the obligations of paying off your monthly balances in full, but as practice shows many credit cardholders tend to make debt out of a mere lack of credit education. And shouldn't one better keep a distance from what he doesn't know?

We have stories from two people - one started with a good credit rating and finished up seriously indebted and the other began with a poor credit and is quite happy living within her means and paying cash.

Why is it so? Well when a person doesn't know what it feels like to have something better than he actually has, he doesn't strive for this better. And he is happy.

Now as to the credit card. The small plastic can be your true friend if you treat in right. And if your card offers you 0% APR intro period, it doesn't mean that you should relax and lose track of your spending. You still are required to pay back the costs of your purchases before the intro period ends.

So, your good credit rating puts upon you strict obligations right from the start of your adult life whereas a poor credit gives you a stressless and unbound life. It's up for you to decide when you are most happy and behave correspondingly.