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A new survey by revealed that 10% of consumers keep their credit card a secret from their partner or significant other. Another 11% reported that they didn`t keep the credit card a secret, but said that they kept their credit card statements intentionally away from their significant other.

The main reason people hide their credit card or credit card information is because they are ashamed at the amount they have spent or the purchases that they have made. Privacy is vital to every relationship, so prying isn`t recommended, but sometimes your significant other may have another issue that he or she is hiding in their credit card statement. For example, your significant other may have acquired a lot of debt due to gambling or racked up a lot of expenses on a business venture gone wrong. They may need your support in this situation. So pick up on clues when they are speaking about their finances, and figure out the real problem and how you can help. Other reasons why your significant other might be keeping their credit card and statements a secret is because they are planning something special for you, and they want to keep it a surprise.

Even if the credit card is a secret, it is really no different from any other credit card on the market, and your significant other should be using it wisely. If you are the one who has a secret credit card, make sure it has a low APR and that spending on the card doesn`t get out of hand. Also, check your spending history on the credit card, if you find that you spend most of your credit on hotel stays or restaurant visits, it may be time to choose a rewards card that will pay you for these purchases. If there is no definite spending pattern, stick with a low-interest credit card, or else you and your secret can end up taking your relationship into debt.

When in a relationship, it`s best to be honest and open and forgo the secrets. The secret credit card could be the root of something else brewing in your relationship. If you are one of the 10% surveyed that hides their credit card from their significant other, understand why you need to keep your spending a secret, and then work to fix this problem. If you suspect that your partner has a secret credit card and is making secret purchases, confront them in a kind-hearted manner.