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The abundant supply of credit repair services available in the USA today does not drastically change things for the better. While some of the neediest customers are at bay, ready to catch at every reasonable-looking plan, the agencies just use another source of revenue. The demand for credit repair help is rising in direct proportion to the debt level and it creates a whole new market. Perhaps this really the only way out for customers facing bankruptcy but what about luckier ones? With a few delinquent accounts in your name, some small fund available and firm will, you'll restore your payment history and lender's favor. The key is to know if it's not too late to start.

The credit repair plan we suggest further will be of most efficiency to customers who had or have some delinquent accounts, gradually paid off, and who are looking for a way to start improving their report. This is a most favorable moment to take things back on track but not many people manage to seize it.

What will be your first step? It's simple: make sure you have the maximum ability to raise your FICO score. For this, you have to keep your other (not delinquent) accounts from accruing balances and, consequently, interest. It's a great job that you are paying or paid off your past due accounts but a new debt is the last thing you'd want. The reason is your debt-to-credit available ratio which must remain low for the good standing of the score.

Once you've provided for the positive utilization ratio, move one to improving the credit report itself. To neutralize the negative info in the report you need to add some positive records to it. The thing is how you can do it. Responsible payments on you other accounts will help but it's not enough. Credit advisors claim that adding new accounts which are managed in a responsible manner are sure to increase your FICO scores in no time.

It might be tempting to apply for a credit card online and establish a new revolving account. Low APRs, no fees and rewards may allure you by their spending power. But is it all worth the risk of a denial you can face? Your score might be too small yet to qualify for standard unsecured card and you need to be on guard now.

Installment loan is the answer. It is probably the safest and quickest way to open an account but the key is you borrow money from yourself. Major banks will issue you an installment loan with a limit equal to the amount you have in a savings account. In other words, the loan is secured by the cash in your savings account. You are required to repay it with interest upon the principle in periodic monthly payments until it is fully amortized.

Installment loan is one unfailing method to improve FICO scores through regular monthly payments. But, living in a cashless society, will you be comfortable having to fuss with the dinging change? If not, a secured type of credit account may interest you. It looks and works like a standard plastic but only it's secured by the amount in your savings account. The big difference from an installment loan is that you have a real credit card which also reports to credit bureaus and improves your score.

Why wait till you need help from those credit repair agencies? Follow the tips and you'll have credit working for you.