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Research: Good Credit Cards -

A line of credit, or the amount of money a borrower can receive from a lender, points out the reliability and value of the borrower. Usually, fat lines are available on good credit cards which require a solid payment history to qualify for. It means that unless you've been a responsible card user for at least five years, you cannot get a really good line of credit.

It is true - to qualify for good bank card you have to prove that you were responsible paying your previous bills. But what if you are young and have no payment history behind? Does it automatically make you a failure in applying for a good limit card with all the due benefits? The lending industry provides for such occasions and offers young adults a chance to gain some payment experience to grow eligibility for best credit cards available on the market.

The best way to prove your trustworthiness and ability to pay bills in full each month, or at least make minimum payments on a good credit card, is to apply for plastic at college. You shouldn't expect big lines on a student plastic because you are inexperienced yet in financial management. The bank calculates an adequate limit which is enough to make purchases but at the same time easy to keep track of. Even if you skip payments, the student card limit will not let you make unmanageable debt.

College time gives a great opportunity to achieve the level necessary to be approved for best credit cards straight after graduation. Following the basic rules of wise spending and building an attractive for lenders credit file, you can qualify for not only a good credit line but for major loans such as an auto loan or mortgage. What's required of you as a student? First, it is on-time payments, no matter full or minimum. The difference is the time you'll spend on paying off the balance. Second, it is rational spending. You'll hardly need anything more expensive than CDs, books or groceries while at college. So why overspend? Keeping the debt-to-limit ratio low will add more points to your credit score.

You should always keep in mind that student plastic is basically only a tool to get a low interest good credit line in the future. Banks will check up on the student payment records and make their lending decision based on your reliability proved at college.

If the history of responsible payments at college allows you to qualify for a good card, you get a substantial credit line and doubled benefits. Frequent flyer miles, gas and hotel rewards are often the standard perks offered by issuers looking to extend business with reliable and profitable customers.

Knowing about the bank's concern in your business, you can play the good card terms to your advantage by simply asking the issuer to improve them or finding another issuer through balance transfers.

Unlike it was in college where the bank itself initiated the application process and gave instant approval, you have to do shopping yourself. For this, go online and look through countless websites selling good plastic cards and giving advice on what's best to apply for.