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Credit cards are preferred modes of financial transaction and are used by almost everyone. Although a credit card offers benefits, it also comes with the risk of debts, if used without planning. Credit cards help build a strong credit history when used properly and responsible. However, just as using it wisely helps to build your credit history, using it improperly will make your credit scores decline. Some people prefer the classic check and cash payment option, since it can totally avoid the debt situation. Although this may mean a good credit history cannot be built, it certainly avoids a bad credit history situation. Credit history can also be built with the help of small personal loans, or sometimes, even departmental store credit cards. However, if that is not a workable option, then it means that the individual is left without a credit history. Although this means that the person has more control over their finances, it is not an ideal situation. Many financial transactions that are necessary cannot be completed without having a good credit history. For example, a good credit history is necessary when buying an automobile, applying for personal loans or even trying to buy a home. Even applying for new credit cards ironically involves a credit check.

There are many ways to avoid credit check in many of these situations. Some of them are mentioned below:

Applying for No Credit check loans:

Although it is difficult to apply for big loans without credit checks, personal loans are available for a higher cost. Interest rates are usually higher on the loans for a person with a good credit history, since there are no credit checks involved. Applying for no credit check loans are easier and hassle free, if the individual is ready to pay the higher fees. The internet is the best place to search for unsecured loans from private money lenders. An income proof or a valid employment record is required to apply for these unsecured loans. Loan amounts and the interest rates depend upon the income of the applicant. Having a cosigner can also be an option, but the cosigner can be liable for the unpaid loan amount if the payments are not done on time.

Applying for No Credit check Credit Cards:

There are several credit cards available without the customary credit checks, but the applicants will have to pay an annual fee to get them. Also, these cards come with much higher interest rates than the ones that require a credit check. However, these extra costs can be lowered or removed once the card holder builds a good credit history. Interest rates can be reduced with a good credit habit, so these cards are worth to try. Student credit cards do not charge a high interest rate and are almost always free of any annual fees. Prepaid credit cards also can be a viable option but they do not do much towards building a credit history. They have to be pre loaded before usage, so they work pretty much like debit cards.