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Can I get a new line of credit if I have bad or no credit? What can I do to rebuild my credit rating and how long will it take me to do that? These and many other similar questions haunt consumers who have a damaged credit history as a result of consistent non-payments or/and a bankruptcy.

Although it is true that a bad payment history prevents consumers from getting the lowest interest rates and most attractive fees on credit cards, mortgages and auto loans, it is still possible to find a bank willing to lend to you at agreeable terms. Many finance companies have special term car loans and mortgages for people with a less than perfect payment history or no credit at all.

However, rebuilding credit is a must if you want to benefit from the best credit deals available on the market. An excellent way to get started is to obtain a new line of revolving credit which helps you rebuild

your score. Today, a great number of banks offer special credit card applications which help people rebuild their rating. So, if you are currently looking for ways to improve your records, you can easily find a proper deal.

A fast and easy search on the Internet will reveal a whole range of unsecured and secured cards for people with bad credit. Plenty of the unsecured card deals offer decent interest rates and moderate annual fees so you can save on your monthly bills while gradually increasing your score.

In addition to the reasonable pricing, a cardholder gets a manageable credit line which can range from $250 to $3,000. This is a smart way to enable the person to finance necessary purchases without accruing much debt.

Reasonable pricing, as well as low credit lines, provide for a safer, easier and cheaper credit repair process. All that is required of you is to take advantage of these features on your way toward having a better credit history. It may take a year or even more of responsible card use to rebuild your credit and prove yourself a good risk for a lender.

Sometimes you may give way to despair and lose hope of recovering your creditworthiness. At these moments you should always encourage yourself to continue working on your credit. Remember that after a while of showing disciplined spending habits and responsible credit management, you'll be able to take advantage of the temptingly attractive benefits available to good/excellent credit consumers.

The benefits of good credit are obvious. You can apply and get approved for the best credit cards, low interest mortgages and car loans. You can take advantage of various rewards programs, such as cash back, frequent flyer miles or points rewards, available on premium credit cards. Furthermore, you have more chances to find a prestigious and well-paid job than those with less stellar credit.

All these benefits are certainly worth the time and effort it takes to rebuild your credit. So, start today. Use the Internet to find the best card to help you get on the road toward building the better credit you deserve!