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Research: Things You Need To Do To Build a Credit History -

There are three major credit report bureaus that monitors and provide information regarding one's credit score or history; the Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. All reports coming from them are pretty much credible that's why lenders have those reports as a basis on determining whether a person is credit risk or creditworthy.

What is a credit report? Credit report is where all the loans, mortgages and debts you incurred in the past are collected and recorded. When you apply for a loan or a mortgage maybe, lenders require you to present them a good report. If it is a bad credit history you have, there would be some ways to fix them and may still qualify for a loan. What if you don't have it yet? That's a big issue but then again like having a bad credit reputation, there is a solution to it.

It is true that it could take some time before one is able to build a credit history. You might have heard of some shortcuts but better not listen for it might only make the process longer.

First things first they say and the very first place you should get started is your own personal records. Records residency, employment and utilities can put bear some weight on your desire to build a credit history.

Any lender would be impressed when you present them a long history of employment. This could be a good indication that you can always have a source of income to pay for your debts while a long record of unemployment is a red flag. Without a source of income, how can debts be paid. Remember that lenders are also investors and they invest on you. A person with a lot of unemployment period is not a good candidate.

You may apply for some utilities under your name like telephone, water service, electricity or cable subscription. Again, this would not be an assurance of getting approved but is a part of a process of building our credit history.

Do you move out every now then? If you do while you're considering of building your history then better start staying in one place longer. Frequent moving can give lenders hard times tracking you down and collect payment should you plan to run away from your debts.

You can't just build your history over night or even a month. Just be very patient and you'll reap. What you sow in due time.