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Many people tend to think from all the reports and the hue and cry about debts that credit cards are the worst tool to have. Especially when it comes to the high interest rates, lack of payments options and instability in jobs people are finding it difficult to cope with credit cards. When credit cards are considered an expensive affair most people tend to steer clear of it.

If you feel you cannot deal with expensive credit cards, you can still find other options where there are low interest rates and no annual fees. By now without a credit card you would have realized on numerous occasions that things can be quite difficult. Especially if you wish to make online payments for convenience you will need to have a credit card handy. With no credit history most banks and creditors will refuse to do business with you. It is vital that you have some credible source of backing and a good credit score can see you through many situations.

When you have no credit history a lot of people find it difficult to get loans, get their mortgage sanctioned, have a good scheme in auto insurance and to get a car loan. What's more, it can even jeopardize employment opportunities and make things difficult for you to such an extent that you will be in a bad situation. If you have no credit then it will obviously make it difficult for banks and creditors to endorse finances for you, however you need to be extended credit in order to build a credit history. It is situation with a catch 22 problem. When you have decided to apply for a credit card, you can go for one with a low interest rate. Initially you can even opt for a store credit card which will also be good enough to provide some sort of record to creditors, although he balances on the cards will be quite low.

If you have a bank where you have a regular checking account then even those records and bank statements can provide proof of your credit history and convince creditors that you can be given a card. Many lenders also require proof of credit so that they can see that the tenants will be able to afford the home, especially if you are moving to an affluent neighborhood. The best way to go about getting a credit card is to apply from a bank where you have had years of relationship. When you have had an account with them for years it will be enough to convince them of your ability to pay. Records of employments and pay will be available to them which will convince them of your stability and you can get a low interest card.

Another means people with no credit history can rely on is to go for a secured credit card. Here there is no risk whatsoever as the card is secured against some collateral which they can claim if the client does not pay on time.