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Research: Tasks where using credit cards is more beneficial -

Credit cards are financial instruments that can wreak havoc with your finances at one point of time and also offer great benefits at another point of time. At the end of the day, it depends on the card holder, how well he manages his finances and uses the credit card to his benefit. Here are some places where using credit cards could turn out in your favor.

Booking tickets online

Almost every one of us travels once in a while. Planning in advance has to be followed up with booking tickets and we mostly do it online as it saves time for us. Doing it with credit cards usually saves money as well. There are a lot of credit cards which offer discounts on train and air tickets due to the tie-ups with associated brands. Similarly, one can accumulate air miles and get discounts on air tickets too from time to time.

Restaurants and hotels

Swiping your credit card at restaurants and hotels could save you a good amount of money. There are credit cards which are associated with restaurant and hospitality chains like Marriott or Hilton. You can enjoy excellent discounts across the world when you use your card to book your stay or pay the restaurant bills.


There are many credit cards which will let you save money on tickets for concerts, movies, opera or sporting events. In fact, thanks to marketing tie-ups some credit cards will let you walk away with 2 tickets at the cost of 1 at movie theatres and sporting events, whether it is an NBA or a baseball clash of your favorite teams. The same holds for music concerts across the world.


A credit card is a great boon for those on vacation. Carrying a debit card or cash could be very risky on a vacation for 2 reasons. Firstly, you are constantly worried about losing them. Secondly, unlike credit cards, money lost from debit cards cannot be recovered. Credit cards on the other hand come with fraud liability that allows you to deny fraud transactions. You can also immediately report your lost or stolen credit card. Some card issuers provide you with a new credit card in no time. There are other benefits such as lost luggage reimbursement, lounge entry and travel accident insurance on some credit cards. Most importantly, cash back credit cards allow you to save 1 – 5% on all your expenses as well.