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Research: Traveling cash free to avoid hassles -

Work is enjoyable when the pay is high. Only those midnight flights to foreign countries, for a quick conference put damper on your spirits. In such cases, many smarter folks prefer to carry their credit cards instead of carrying cash along. Traveling with credit cards ensures that you are travelling light. It gives you an opportunity to use your pockets to carry something more valuable, like your wallet containing the credit cards. A credit card comes in handy especially when you buy a big gift and get the best immediate exchange rates. Converting cash or travelers checks into local currency requires shelling out lot more money.

But before you start travelling with credit cards, take the following precautions. These simple steps will ensure you enjoy your travel without any hassles.

Read the fine print of company policy on reporting lost, stolen credit cards. Some banks charge no fees, if the loss is reported within two days. They charge you if you have not reported a stolen credit card within the specified number of days. Just in case, you do get mugged by an unfortunate stroke of luck, inform your card company. Many companies do advise their customers, to inform the Company of their future travel plans. If your card company has not bothered to violate your privacy, then inform them when & where you intend to travel. Ask your card company how soon can they replace a stolen card. The process varies from 2 to 4 days, for different banks or maybe longer for international replacements.

Keep an eye out for fraud especially when traveling abroad. Many customers, who use their credit cards internationally, report unauthorized charges on their credit cards. Some are even wrongly charged for items they never purchased. It is a good idea to check your card statements to confirm that you were not wrongly charged for items not purchased.

Note down the international customer care numbers of the company where you can report a stolen credit card. Ensure you have a copy of your credit card handy since a few credit card lenders will ask for some important information in order to block access of your card so the person who stole it does not make any purchases using it. Doing this, will help you save thousands of dollars, which you would have had to pay, if you had not reported the loss.