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Yes, in most cases you can transfer multiple balances to one credit card. You just have to have a high enough credit limit to accommodate all the balances you want to transfer.

The first thing to do is list all your balances. There are two ways to do this:

  • Highest balance to lowest balance
  • Highest APR to lowest APR

Opinions vary on whether it’s better to try to pay off small balances first (so that you gain the confidence of zeroing out a whole balance more quickly) or to pay off high APR balances first (ultimately, you’ll save more money this way, though it may take longer to get larger balances down to zero).

Whichever you choose, it will be easier to make a plan when you have all your balances and APRs listed in front of you. Decide which ones to transfer if you don’t have a high enough credit limit on your new balance transfer credit card to transfer them all.

Another thing to remember: each transfer will have to be done separately, and each will incur its own balance transfer fee.