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Nowadays, there are so many credit card issuers and many of them offer multiple credit cards. Many of these credit issuers have a cashback credit card option available, so to answer your question there are hundreds of card options. Many cashback cards will allow the cardholder to collect a small amount of cashback (usually about 1%) on all of the purchases they make. Although one of these cards may be good enough to meet your needs, there are much better options available. For example, many cashback cards include what are called rotating categories. When a cashback card has a rotating category, you will be able to collect a larger amount of cashback on eligible purchases made in that category. The Discover it® Cash Back card is a good example. It allows you to earn 1% back on all purchases and up to 5% back on eligible rotating category purchases on up to the quarterly maximum (you need to activate 5% categories each time a new quarter starts to be able to earn elevated rewards within the category).

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