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Business credit cards are specifically designed for the unique needs of business owners. They have features like:

  • Higher credit limits
  • Rewards targeted toward business needs like travel and office supplies
  • Extra cards for employees and
  • Tools like year-end summaries and reports

If you have your own business, it’s a good idea to keep your business and personal expenses separate. Using a business credit card is a good way to do that.

Like consumer credit cards, business credit cards come in many different versions. Some of the things you’ll find when you’re looking at different business credit cards are:

  • Rewards cards that offer points, miles, or cash back
  • Cards that offer discounts of office needs like shipping and office supplies
  • Cards with no annual fee
  • Cards with high annual fees and valuable perks for your business

Think about how you plan to use the card, how many cards you will need for your employees, and what kinds of purchases you can earn rewards on. Your business deserves the best credit card, so get a card meant just for business and you will see the difference in your bottom line.