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Business credit cards work similarly to personal credit cards. They give a line of credit to finance purchases and often come with additional rewards and benefits suited to businesses. You charge your business expenses to the card and receive a statement at the end of each billing cycle that specifies how much you borrowed over the statement period and how much you need to pay back. You should make at least your minimum payment, but it's better to pay down your balance in full to avoid paying interest. Some business credit cards are charge cards, which means full payment is required at the end of the month.

The main difference is that business credit cards are specifically geared for business-related expenses. Business credit card issuers report your payment history to business credit bureaus that help you build your business credit profile.

Business credit cards typically come with different terms and conditions, like minimum spend requirements for sign-up bonuses, rewards programs, special financing options and annual fees. Also, the best business credit cards offer generous earning rates, lucrative perks, and additional features to effectively manage cash flow and streamline the day-to-day operations of your business.

You can look for a business credit card that can earn cash-back rewards, airline miles, hotel points, or elevated rewards in categories where your business spends the most each year. Choose the option that can help you maximize your purchases, separate your expenses, and save money on interest each year.