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The Belk credit card offers rewards at a 3-tier status level. The first level is the Belk rewards card. All new applicants will automatically be given the Belk Rewards card which allows you to earn 3% back in rewards. This means that three points will be earned for every $1 spent. For every 1,000 points collected, you will be awarded $10 in Belk rewards dollars. After spending $600 within a year, you will be upgraded to the Belk Premier card. This card allows you to collect four points per $1 spent instead of three. After spending a total of $1,500 within a year, you are upgraded to the Belk Elite card. This card allows you to earn five points per $1 spent. As you move up in each tier you also unlock additional Belk credit card benefits. Considering the amount of credit cards that are available, this may not be the best option to apply for.

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