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We all know that credit card is an invaluable resource to most people. It is also known that shopping around and making too many applications does not look good on a person's credit report. So how do you make the right choice about what salary is required to get certain cards? It is not such a complicated question. There are numerous credit agencies and banks that will give you clear information about what salary you need and you will get many mailers and calls about your eligibility for credit based on your salary. The important thing to do is to make sure you begin to get mails or calls about unsecured credit cards and proper payroll and employment records in place before applying for one.

These days there is a new rule disallowing college going students from being eligible for a card until they are 21 or can show due proof of employment and ability to pay what they owe. Thus having a reasonable salary is definitely an important criterion though it is not the only one. When you are applying for a credit card or thinking of getting one, make sure you approach a bank where you have your salary account and a working relationship which makes things easier. It works much better than trying to get a credit card from a bank that has no background information about you or has no experience in transactions with you in the past.

Unless you have certain specific high end cards in mind, there is no restriction to applying for the regular unsecured credit cards due to salary constraints. If you are however looking for certain privileged cards or high end ones, you may have to wait to have a specific salary amounting to at least 200,000 or more. Especially for cards without a credit limit such a high salary is a mandate. There are also certain exclusive cards in the market which people cannot acquire unless they have a high credit score and a high salary as well. These cards are in most cases by invitation only. Look at your debt ratio as well, how much you earn and how much you spend out of it. This will help you decide on the right card to apply for and what you can afford to pay every month towards your credit card payments. It is important to carefully consider all variables when looking for a good credit card.