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There are various types of credit cards out there that are suitable for every person and institution. It would depend on the needs of the consumer on what type of credit card they should get. When we talk about personal credit cards, there are several that one can take advantage of. The selection will be based on the purpose of the card and how the card can benefit them in return. This also goes with business credit cards. There are those that favor small credit cards, and there are those that only cater to corporations which has a large expenditure.

I travel a lot for personal reasons. What credit card can I use?

If you are the type of person who frequently travels and use a credit card to purchase plane tickets, then there are credit cards that favor those who are a frequent flyer. These credit cards give incentives such as discounts and even free airline tickets. You get these when you use the card for air travel.

Some cards are linked to a particular airline and some don`t. So if you have a favorite plane, you can look up credit card companies that are linked to the airline to see what benefits you can take advantage of. If not, there are flexible credit cards that can still give you points even if you use different airlines every time.

I have a business and it frequently involves having business meetings. What credit card can I use?

Business meetings are very important. And when they are held in restaurants and hotels, there are business credit cards that can give you discounts in specific establishments. You can look up your favorite diner and see what credit card companies are affiliated with them so you can get the most out of your business meeting.

I`m just starting to build my credit and a first timer credit card user. What credit card should I start with?

There is what we call a secured credit card. It will require you to give a security deposit to make sure that you pay what you owe. For you to be able to build credit, this will make sure that you will be paying your bills on time and if you are able to follow religiously the terms of the company then you will be building credit and earning a high credit score in no time.

I don`t have a checking account but I would rather charge what I can spend. What credit card should I use?

If you are tight on a budget and want to discipline yourself on your expenses, you can use a prepaid credit card where you can load what amount you can charge.