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It's smart to make sure your daughter is covered in case she gets into a tight financial spot, now that she's a teenager and likely to be away from you more often. However, don't be too eager to give her a credit card. For one thing, most card issuers won't give a card to someone under age 21. Even to be an authorized user on your account, your child may have to be at least 18 years old; this varies from bank to bank. Some banks may let you add a minor child to your account, but others may not. A great compromise you can make is to give your daughter a prepaid card. This is a card that acts like a credit card, but isn't one. It's closer to a debit card, because it uses money that's already loaded onto the card, just like a debit card uses money from your bank account. There are many great prepaid cards available; shop around and find one with low fees for your daughter today.