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Each day our mailboxes are bombarded with a huge array of credit cards and card offers. It is quite a task for many to sift through all of this information and zero in on the card that is suitable. Hence, it is always advisable to look at various options before choosing a card.

There are many tips as well as guidelines that one could follow while opting for a card. Here are some simple tips:

• Try to avoid a card which carries a monthly or an annual fee. It makes no sense to use a card as well as its related services and products if one has to pay an annual fee as well as the interest too.

• Even for their award point programs, card companies charge extra money. Hence, it is better not to opt for these cards, because there are many issuers that are more than willing to offer rewards for just using the card. There is no need to pay for the point system too.

• Always ensure that you check the interest rates that would be applied after the introductory period is over. While most companies offer very low interest rates it is applicable only for the first six months or a maximum of one year. After the introductory period comes to an end, the interest rates must not be higher than the rates that prevail on the card.

• Never have multiple accounts in multiple banks. Showing loyalty to one particular bank will ensure that you get better interest rates, as your bank would be keen to do business with you and will do everything in their capacity to keep you.

• Sometimes award points are offered by banks if the customer has more than one account with them. There are points offered for using the debit card as well. Hence, it is better to use the debit card instead of the credit card while making purchases.

• Always check to see that the interest being charged is appropriate. Check the monthly billing statement to see if the interest rates that are charged are appropriate. Before any hike in the interest rates, card companies are supposed to issue a notification advising the customer about the hike. A 45-day notice period is essential before hiking the interest rates. It is better to opt for another card if the interest rates are very high.