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Life without credit cards can be quite an impossible task for most of us as we have gone used to handling plastic cards which are far more convenient than carrying wads of currency. However, choosing the right credit card is equally important. Credit cards offer a lot of convenience in our daily lives and while handling finances. But, if you have to maintain a healthy credit score, you must choose the right credit card. So, always ensure that you do enough research and choose the best credit card right at the very beginning. If you don’t spend some time doing research, you may end up paying heavily on your credit card. Switching from one card to another at a later stage is not a good idea as it will affect your credit scores.

The first feature to look for is the low APR, as this is the most important feature in a good credit card. You can be in better control of your finances when the APRs are low. It will help you even when you don’t make your monthly payment in full or even if you skip a payment. Though these are things that can affect your credit scores, skipping the full monthly payments may not hurt you as much when you have low APRs. Credit cards make a lot of promises but they should ideally not come with any price tag. All these tempting offers get negated with the annual fees on credit cards.

When you opt for reward schemes you must be extra careful while choosing the cards. If these cards are rightly used, they can help you save a lot of money. There are a number of reward schemes to suit individual needs whether it is on frequent travel, grocery shopping, or business-related purchases etc. In general, reward points benefit everybody as points can be accumulated on every purchase that is made with the card. These points can later be redeemed for cash at the close of your billing cycle.

First of all, you must categorize your needs and benefits as this will help in choosing the right card. It is important to identify where you would be using the card. If the card is for general use, then you may pick the point reward system, or the discounts at department stores can be picked. But if it is for business only, then the regular credit card will not work. Choose business cards with higher credit limit and excellent reward schemes. Whatever card you pick, learn to use it wisely.