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Low APR (annual percentage rate) credit cards are the best option if you wish to transfer your current balances on a fresh card. This is also used as an efficient marketing tool for most financial institutions. However, choosing the right card with low APR can be quite a challenge. You will be required to choose from the numerous offers and find the right card to suit your needs.

Searching online will throw up plenty of offers, but without adequate knowledge you could end up in bigger problems if you are not cautious. Shop for the best cards online and compare the various offers and seek professional advice if needed. Choosing a professional service will help you save a lot of problems in the future and will help you save time as well.

When you engage the services of a professional, it helps in avoiding costly mistakes. It would also help to have a reminder set on when the low introductory period on your card is coming to an end. If you fail to clear the balances on your card before the end of the introductory period, you could always shift to another low APR card.

Look for low APR with the longest introductory period and the lowest introductory rates or zero introductory rates and the lowest rates on balance transfers. Once you have made up your mind you can easily apply online and once the approval is done, you may sign up for a reminder service which is very beneficial. This is the best way to avoid paying huge interest rates.

These low APR cards are a good way to keep your finances under control. If you are careful with the financial planning, it could help save huge sums of money. There are low APR cards where you can avail the 0% introductory rates for 6 months or even up to 12 months. However, you must ensure that you pay your balances on time. Avoid late payments or missed payments. Otherwise, you will see the interest shoot up once again and the whole exercise of shifting to a low APR card would then become meaningless.

Do plenty of research before signing up for the low APR cards. There are plenty of cards that come with the teaser promotional offers of low APR where the introductory period will last for just 3 months. So, be very careful while moving your balances from the existing card to a fresh card.