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Many banks and credit card issuers offer Mastercard credit cards to people with any type of credit history. Mastercard cards are offered to consumers and businesses. Therefore, before thinking how to apply for a Mastercard, it is important to first of all decide which Mastercard credit card you want. There are three types of Mastercard credit cards: standard credit cards, World Mastercard, and World Elite Mastercard.

How to apply for a Mastercard credit card

While standard Mastercard credit cards are good for people with any credit history, World and World Elite Mastercard cards are offered to people with established credit only. All types of Mastercard cards can be found here, on Mastercard page.

You can follow these quick steps to apply for a Mastercard:

  1. Go to the Mastercard page you can find on our website.
  2. Choose the card that is good for your current credit rating and click on ‘apply’ button.
  3. Once you are on a secure online application page, review terms and fill out the application form.
  4. Double check the information you’ve provided and submit your application.

When everything’s done, wait for the response from the bank and further instructions. You can expect it within a couple of days or a couple of weeks, depends on how fast the bank processes the credit card applications.

Standard Mastercard credit cards are good for everyday purchases. The cards are accepted at stores, online and everywhere you see a Mastercard logo. The set of Mastercard benefits is pretty standard on such cards:

  • auto rental collision coverage,
  • zero fraud liability,
  • ID theft protection,
  • price protection,
  • extended warranty,
  • Global Service.

The World Mastercard credit cards have all benefits of standard credit cards plus some travel-specific features and benefits. This type of Mastercard cards is oriented on travelers. Another traveler-oriented type of cards is World Elite Mastercard. This type of cards is offered to those who prefer luxury travel as they give access to personalized services and luxury benefits.