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Mastercard is the inter bank credit card that is used by consumers all around the world. The Mastercard issuing company has been a public trading organization since 2006, but has been doing business since 1966. The main business of the company is the transfer of money between the bank of the business holder and that of the consumer. It facilitates cashless transaction of money.

Benefits of using Mastercard

  1. Global services - MasterCard users get the benefit of 24-hour global services with its call centres ready to assist customers anytime and anywhere. Travel cards often offer all possible global services including concierge benefits.
  2. World Wide Acceptance - Mastercards have more than one million ATM`s in the world and are accepted in approximately 210 countries. This makes the card user friendly as well as easily accessible.
  3. User friendly - Because of its easy accessibility and 24*7 global services, Mastercards prove to be very convenient for its users. Travellers too benefit with the use of these cards as they are accepted worldwide.
  4. Zero Liability - Because of zero liability, Mastercard users are prevented from having to face frauds. The card company charges its customers only for purchases that have been authorized by them.
  5. Customer satisfaction - The repayment modes for Mastercard are very flexible and hence give customer satisfaction.
  6. Efficiency - As the financial transactions are carried on electronically so the time as well as the money handling charges is saved.
  7. Mastercard helps in safe online shopping - Online shopping is made safe and secure with the use of Mastercards. An additional secret code protects the card from unauthorized usage.
  8. Paying taxes with convenience - Online verification of MasterCards helps in payment of taxes without having to go through the tiring manual process.
  9. Insurance facilities - MasterCard also helps in the payment of insurance premiums on time. New insurance schemes can also be availed with the help of Mastercard.
  10. Payment of utility bills - Monthly utility bills like electricity and other rents can be paid online with the help of Mastercard services.
  11. Gold and Platinum benefits - To the privileged gold and platinum MasterCard users provide some additional services. These services include rent, and repair services, travel insurance, and other services that can be availed from outside the home country. Such benefits are usually present on travel credit cards.

The benefits of Mastercard have further increased its popularity among young users. It has become a house hold name and continues to grow its business all over the world.