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Mastercard is one of the most powerful names in the international plastic card market. Mastercard is known for being the leader of the market consistently, ever since its inception. There are numerous benefits of owning a Mastercard; we shall discuss some of the most salient features of having one.

When you hold a Mastercard, you are eligible for shopping protection. This is a feature that will give you benefits like an extension of the warranty period for at least a year. You will also get free insurance coverage for all items which are stolen or are damaged for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Holding a Mastercard is a very efficient way of shopping and getting essential services. You can easily get items that are otherwise hard to find, and you can also send gifts and handle all aspects of your business through this credit card.

You get a lot of identity protection features with a Mastercard. Identity theft is a crime which is on the rise with the advent of online banking. Mastercard provides complete and total assistance in letting the credit bureaus know about a case of identity theft. You can also very easily get a replacement card wherever you are on the planet. You will get an ID theft affidavit which will show that you have been a victim of identity theft so that creditors do not brand you as a fraudster. In addition, any unauthorized purchase will not be the responsibility of the cardholder, although certain conditions will apply.

You also receive travel assistance features, by which cardholders will get a priority pass into well over 600 airport lounges around the world. There are also other travel related assistance like luxury travel benefits and road side assistance. You can get emergency cash with a Mastercard around the globe, and this will just cost you a small fee, which can be paid once you get back to your home country. You will receive English language assistance no matter which country you are in, and there is help available regarding finding ATM's or any other questions related to your credit card.

There are also several benefits like lost or stolen luggage coverage, and airport transit fees. But do remember that all these benefits are not standard for all credit cards; a few special credit cards will have more benefits than others. You can apply for a travel credit card to get maximum Mastercard benefits.

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