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There are so many cards available in the market and choosing the right type of card to fit your needs could be quite tricky. It all depends on what you are looking for and how you will use your card.  For instance, you might prefer a ‘fixed’ rate credit card or you might opt for a low rate business credit card. Whatever may be the card you choose, the low interest credit cards will eventually help save a lot of money, especially if you are the kind who will carry the balance from one month to another.

There are two types of credit card rates – the fixed rate and the variable rate.  In the fixed rate credit card the APR will not fluctuate. But most card issuers use the variable rate. This is a rate that fluctuates. These variable rates are based on the US prime rate and the LIBOR rate. Both the LIBOR rate and the US prime rate change from time to time depending on the situation in the financial market and the overall economic conditions. These fluctuations are responsible for the change in interest rates from time to time. Most card issuers review these rates every month and then apply it to the APR within a matter of days. Hence, it is obvious that the variable rate might in fact work in your favor. If the index rates see a dip, then your APRs will also go down.

Credit cards when used in the right way can be a good financial tool and a mighty tool for debt management also. These low APR cards are meant to help people who wish to keep the balances on their accounts and those that do not clear the monthly payments in full.

These low APR credit cards are being offered by companies as part of the debt management schemes. This is an ideal credit card for those who do not have a very lavish lifestyle when it comes to the finances. This type of low APR card is used most often by people since the risk of getting into debt is much less when compared to the other regular types of credit cards.

You could check out the low APR credit cards online and see the one that offers the best deal. The best low APR card will have to be chosen after carefully considering various factors and depending on the best deal that is available.